Lisa Fleming

Psychotherapy, counselling and coaching in Sydney

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How I work

I offer four different types of service:

The immediate goal is to help you feel better, lessen pain and confusion, build self confidence. The way we do this is to work together in conversation. For this to work you need to experience the environment as warm, sensitive and understanding. 



Psychotherapy changes old patterning by forming new neural pathways in the brain. It helps you change relating styles, anxiety is eased, the nervous system become less triggered and sensitive to old traumas and concerns. Psychotherapy works by rewiring the neural networks in the brain to create an easier way of being with self and others. Psychotherapy works within a safe relationship to create new ways of being and relating.

It is important the environment feels safe in order for this learning and change to take place, so it is important that you feel safe and comfortable with me. I usually see someone for three sessions to begin with and then work out from there if it seems to you like we can work together.

You learn to notice and understand how you react, respond, think and feel. What is going on when you feel bad or anxious. Therapy helps people learn to understand why they feel this way and learn ways to manage these feelings that lead to confidence, calmer states of mind, and a more comfortable, happier life.

I work with trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction and eating disorders.

Anxiety and the triggering of trauma can be crippling. Psychotherapy uses the relationship to help change and growth become internalised within the person. Psychotherapy attempts to integrate the body and mind.

People who experience depression, trauma and anxiety often find this work helpful because these problems often cause bodily discomfort or physical symptoms. Psychotherapy utilises the therapeutic relationship to explore issues, and to slowly rewire the nervous system so that the trauma and anxiety are not experienced in the same way anymore.


Counselling is usually related to more immediate life issues rather than deep old issues, such as coping with a big change, stressful life situations, it helps people to gain understanding and build resources to cope with things.


Coaching helps with more specific goal oriented issues – issues at work, getting a specific project underway, tax done, getting marketing done, management and leadership development, business development etc.